Waterway trash cleanup on Ward Creek March 2nd

The Bayou Manchac Group will be conducting a litter cleanup on Ward Creek behind PetSmart on Siegen (next to Lowes) all day Saturday, March 2nd.  Join us if you can make it even for a little while.  Bring your canoe/kayak or borrow one of ours.  Much of the litter is on land, but on the opposite bank so we will ferry volunteers across the creek.  As of now we expect about 10 people to show up.  Compare this to the 1,300 people who participate in the Bayou Lafourche annual cleanup on the same day and which is sponsored by BTNEP, the municipal governments along the waterway, and Nicholls State Univerity.

Directions to the Ward Creek site: Park behind PetSmart in the Siegen Shopping Center and cross the 4-lane Mall service road on foot.  Be careful crossing the road and we hope to see you there!

Don’t try to launch at the private rail crossing immediately southwest of the Siegen overpass (http://binged.it/ZthaEA)!  Met a member of the Bayou Haystackers (http://bayouhaystackers.com) paddling Ward Creek today while I was scouting the areas behind PetSmart for our March 2nd cleanup.  He received a trespassing ticket last weekend for using the rail crossing to scout for easier launch spots.  The BRPD Officer refused to believe that anyone would paddle Ward Creek for recreation and accused the paddler of scoping the area for items to steal.

BREC does own Gentilly Court Park directly across the tracks from our litter cleanup location on Ward Creek (http://binged.it/ZtntYO) but there is no trail.

On a somewhat related note, the Louisiana Wildlife Federation passed our trash resolution this morning at their annual meeting in Baton Rouge.  The next step is to seek a member of the Louisiana Legislature to sponsor a resolution directing LDEQ to add trash to the Louisiana list of water impairments and begin assessing Louisiana waters for trash impairment and possible TMDLs.  Municipalities that enact programs such as sponsoring periodic waterway cleanup events will avoid TMDLs since their waterways will not be listed as impaired by trash.


Bayou Manchac Group

bayoumanchac.com (facebook)

bayoumanchac.org (listserver)

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