Fall Workshop Materials

Below are all the presentations that were given at the recent LUSC Workshop. Additionally, there is a glossary of common terms for reference. All presentations are in PDF form.

Bess Foret – LUSC Audit and Report
Dana Brown – Integrated Water Management
Dana Brown – LID GI Design Comp
Dana Brown – LUSC Inspector Training Module Example
Dana Brown – Post Construction SWM Using Codes
deEtte Smythe – LCG Education Programs
Diane Baum – LUSC 09.30.13
Kim Corts – LUSC September 2013
Missy David – MS4 Compliance
Sami Khalil – JP Stormwater Audit-Annual Report 2013
Sami Khalil – JP Stormwater Enforcement-Education 2013
Scott Finney – MS4 Audit Short Talk
Scott Finney – MS4 2013 Audit LUSC
Troy Cormier – Hoot Systems
Wayne Slater – 2013 LA MS4 Conf
LUSC Glossary

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