A State Plan for Prioritizing Watersheds for Restoration and Protection in Louisiana

The Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 303(d) Program provides a mechanism for integration of implementation efforts to restore and protect the nation’s aquatic resources. Through this process the nation’s waters are assessed, restoration and protection objectives are systematically prioritized, and Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) and alternative approaches are adaptively implemented to achieve water quality goals with collaboration of State and Federal agencies, tribes, the regulated community, and the public. A new long-term vision for assessment, restoration, and protection under the CWA 303(d) Program for 2016 through 2022 (new vision) has been described whereby states may identify and prioritize watersheds for these restoration and protection efforts under the CWA 303(d) Program. The primary goals of this new vision of the CWA 303(d) Program include prioritization, assessment, protection, alternatives, engagement, and integration. The new vision will guide the realization of our clean water goals in a manner that recognizes lessons learned from the past two decades of CWA 303(d) Program implementation and addresses new challenges with innovative solutions.

The DEQ is seeking feedback on this framework. More information can be found HERE.

Thank you to Sami Khalil for the info!

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