Concern about the rate of development of Urban Stormwater Programs by Small MS4 permit holders in Louisiana has prompted the formation of The Louisiana Urban Stormwater Coalition by representatives of some of the permit holders. Working with leadership from the EPA Region VI Enforcement Division and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ), representatives of the most active MS4 programs in Louisiana have met and agreed to form this self-help coalition. Local coordination and leadership is provided by Dr. Rod Hendrick, Water Quality Specialist and Professor with the LSU AgCenter.

Coalition goals are to assist members in the achievement of the Urban Stormwater Programs goals and to facilitate compliance with the permit requirements through sharing information, ideas, and techniques among the members. Having a locally organized educational organization, whose programs are targeted to the needs of the members, will allow attention to be focused on those issues of most local concern. With its hot humid climate, long growing seasons, low topographic relief, and high annual rainfall with frequent torrential rains, Louisiana has unique conditions not found in other areas of the country. Hurricanes, storm surges, high rates of coastal subsidence, and wetland loss contribute to unique flooding scenarios. Having the ability to focus the skills, knowledge, and experience of the stormwater managers and engineers statewide on these common problems cannot help but promote the development of innovative solutions to the problems more quickly and more effectively.

Educational materials, forms, and procedures developed by members, EPA, LDEQ, LSU AgCenter, and other educational sources will be collected and made available on the LSU AgCenter Urban Stormwater webpage until the establishment of the Coalition’s webpage. Educational and training materials will be available to Coalition members from the web page for downloading, personalization, and use. Though LUSC began as an organization to assist MS4s in permit compliance with an emphasis on water management, we have recently expanded to include the general public, at the request of parishes and municipalities.

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