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Join us for our December Workshop!

SWPPP Workshop for Construction Sites
Wednesday, December 11, 2013
8:30am to 11:30am
New Orleans Sewage & Water Board
(Carrolton Water Plant – Main Engineering Building)
8800 South Carrolton Ave.
New Orleans, LA

Space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot early!

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Fall Workshop Materials

Below are all the presentations that were given at the recent LUSC Workshop. Additionally, there is a glossary of common terms for reference. All presentations are in PDF form.

Bess Foret – LUSC Audit and Report
Dana Brown – Integrated Water Management
Dana Brown – LID GI Design Comp
Dana Brown – LUSC Inspector Training Module Example
Dana Brown – Post Construction SWM Using Codes
deEtte Smythe – LCG Education Programs
Diane Baum – LUSC 09.30.13
Kim Corts – LUSC September 2013
Missy David – MS4 Compliance
Sami Khalil – JP Stormwater Audit-Annual Report 2013
Sami Khalil – JP Stormwater Enforcement-Education 2013
Scott Finney – MS4 Audit Short Talk
Scott Finney – MS4 2013 Audit LUSC
Troy Cormier – Hoot Systems
Wayne Slater – 2013 LA MS4 Conf
LUSC Glossary

Integrated Reporting Memo Released

“EPA has released the Clean Water Act Sections 303(d), 305(b), and 314 integrated reporting memorandum for the 2014 reporting cycle. This memorandum provides clarification on existing policy and regulations, including recommendations and options for states as they develop their 2014 integrated water quality reports.”

Read the full memo from the Stormwater Journal here.

Campus RainWorks Challenge

“The USEPA’s Office of Water is pleased to announce the 2nd annual Campus RainWorks Challenge for college and university students. Once again, EPA is inviting student teams to design an innovative green infrastructure project for their campus showing how managing stormwater at its source can benefit the campus community and the environment.”

Read the rest of the article from the USEPA website here.

SWEMA Takes Part in STEPP

“The Stormwater Equipment Manufacturers Association (SWEMA) is currently participating in the Water Environment Federation’s (WEF) Stormwater Testing and Evaluation for Products and Practices (STEPP) steering committee to investigate establishing a national program to evaluate manufactured stormwater treatment devices.  The STEPP initiative was triggered in part by the ending of the only national evaluation program for these technologies, the EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program.”

Read the rest of the article from the Stormwater Journal here.

Fall 2013 Workshop

Join us for our upcoming Two Day Workshop!

MS4 Permit Changes: Are You Ready?
September 30th and October 31st, 2013
Louisiana Transportation Research Center, LSU
$175 for both days, $100 for one day

See the announcement flyer for more details about workshop topics.

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UPDATE:  The Final Agenda may now be viewed here.

The Urban Water Series: Strategies That Work

The series is comprised of 5 workshops on how other U.S. cities are turning their water challenges into water assets and is designed to provide insight into innovative and affordable stormwater management practices in other cities throughout the United States. Experts in their field from similar cities will illustrate how they found new and sustainable solutions to their water-related infrastructure challenges. At the conclusion of the series, we’ll focus on lessons learned and what practices New Orleans may want to adopt from cities with similar experiences.

The series is hosted by The Greater New Orleans Foundation in partnership with The Urban Institute and over 30 local partners including Louisiana Urban Stormwater Coalition.

Please visit the link below for more information and to register:

Louisiana Wildlife Federation Passed Trash Resolution

Proposed Resolution No. 12D, 2013


WHEREAS, Section 402(p)(6) of the Clean Water Act authorizes responsible agencies to designate impairment sources that require regulation to protect water quality and to develop a comprehensive storm water program to regulate discharges, and

WHEREAS, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its designee, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ), have established Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL’s) of various impairments in waterways around the State specified on the 303(d) list (impaired waterways), and

WHEREAS, the EPA has recently added trash to the national list of impairment categories used by states to report on impaired waterways, and

WHEREAS, the Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC) Title 33, Part IX, Chapter 11 establishes water quality standards to protect or enhance the quality of all state waters for recreational use and requires that they be maintained in an aesthetically attractive condition, free from objectionable deposits and floating debris [trash] that form nuisances or negatively impact aesthetics, and

WHEREAS, Title 33, Part IX, Section 2517 states that municipal storm water runoff continues to harm the nation’s waters and may contain or mobilize high levels of contaminants, such as sediment, suspended solids, nutrients, heavy metals, pathogens, toxins, oxygen-demanding substances, and floatables [trash].

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Louisiana Wildlife Federation supports efforts by individual organizations to control the proliferation of trash in all waterways.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Louisiana Wildlife Federation hereby petitions the LDEQ to add trash to the list of impairments that are used to compile the Louisiana 303(d) list (impaired waterways) for approval by the EPA, to assess Louisiana waterways for trash impairment, and to determine trash allocations and TMDLs for waterways determined to be impaired by trash.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Louisiana Legislature should consider action in support of the above proposals as necessary to support achievement of the goals defined above.

Submitted by: Friends of the Atchafalya

Contact Person: Charles Caillouet

for consideration by the Louisiana Wildlife Federation in convention assembled.

Current Endorsements:

Amite River Preservation Association

Contact: Richard Venable

Baton Rouge Audubon Society

Contact: Jane Patterson

Bayou Manchac Group

Contact: Jonathan Scott

Friends of the Atchafalya

Contact: Charles Caillouet

Keep Louisiana Beautiful

Contact: Leigh Harris, Executive Director

Pack and Paddle

Contact: John Williams, Owner

Sierra Club Delta Chapter

Contact: Haywood (Woody) Martin, Chair

Tulane Green Club

Contact: Nicholas Stracco, President

Other States

States and Districts with Trash/Debris TMDLs

Alaska, Maryland, California, and, the District of Columbia

States that have Listed Trash as an Impairment and Started Assessments

Ohio, Hawaii, and Massachusetts

States with Comprehensive Litter Control or Container/Bag Programs that will avoid the need for Trash TMDLs

Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Maine, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington